The ALCMS system is designed to have three PCs located at the ATC tower and Maintenance Room, and 2 HMI's located in the CCR Rooms.

The system consists of 4 locations:

•ATC Tower

•ATC Maintenance Room

•Vault1 CCR Room

•Vault2 CCR Room



ATC Maintenance Room has interface cabinet including 2 pieces 24V Power supplies, an industrial grade fiber optical switch, line filters, surge arresters, MCCBs etc. The PCs at the tower are connected to the network through the switch inside of this cabinet.

The ATC tower have 2 PCs with 24” touchscreens. Another PC is located at the CCR room/vault for maintenance purposes. They are supplied through 1500VA UPSs.

The maintenance PC is used for switching the CCRs into maintenance or out of service modes. This PC becomes MASTER to control the system and have the authorization if both PCs at the tower fail.

The interface cabinets for CCR Rooms have a PLC with Profibus Master Module and I/O Modules, a 7” HMI, 2 pieces 24V Power supplies, 2 pieces 48V power supplies, 2 pieces redundancy modules for 24V/48V PSs, 1500VA UPS, line filters,surge arresters, MCCBs etc.

Two HMIs are located at the front face of the cabinet to control and monitor the system in the CCR rooms. These HMI's can be used to control the whole system as well as control the CCRs individually for maintenance purposes. The authorization for control can be transferred to the HMIs manually. The HMIs become MASTER at the same time when the PCs fail or disconnect from the network.

Each PC has different software to handle control and monitoring activities. In our system the PCs can be replaced tobe used instead of each other in case of a PC failure.

The software has different pages for different purposes. They are listed below:

• Runway Page: It is the main page of the software and used for control and visualizethe AGL groups of the airport.

• CCR Page: It contains detailed view of the CCRs including the current, voltage and other energy parameters and individual control for maintenance purposes

• Network Page: Is is used for monitoring the status of the network and peripherals.

• Settings Page: Used for language settings, PC settings and other general settings.

• Logs Page: This page is for visualize, acknowledge and filter of the alarms, warnings.


The SmartPort ALCMS system can be integrated with exiting ALCMS software