Related Standards and Compliances

ICAO : PAPI is in accordance with Annex 14, Vol.1 para to


  • PAPI enables the pilot precisely determine the approach angle, helps landing day and night in average conditions without the need for no other instruments.


  • Aerodynamic and small in size.
  • 1000 hours HALOGEN lamp rated life at full intensity, but over 3000 hours in field operating conditions.
  • Mounting and calibration are done easily with special equipment.
  • Sharp transition from while to red and the intensity changes less than 3 times throughout the the full beam width.
  • Waterproof dust proof thanks to the sleeve gasket, internal water drained through outlets.
  • Hardened front glass against stones and other flying particles thrown by the aircraft.
  • One cable lead for each lamp.


Technical Specifications

  • Protection Degree : IP44
  • Relative Humidity : up to %100
  • Working Temperature : -55C to +55C (-67 F to +131 F)
  • Power Source : 6.6A Series Circuit
  • Power Consumption HALOGEN: 2x200W


  • Solar PV Powered