Related Standards and Compliances

ICAO : Aerodrome Design Manuel Part 5, Par. 3.2

FAA : L-828 & L-829 AC150/5345-10 (Current Edition)

IEC : TSE / EN 61822


  • Optima 5700 CCRs supply of Airport Lighting Series Circuitsat various intensity levels.Specially designed for the supply of Circuits characterized bynon-linear loads, devices using LED Electronics.


  • The powerful and reliable microprocessor-controlled system.
  • Modular electrical design with plug-in electronic boards anduser-friendly easy maintenance architecture.
  • Dry-type output transformer with taping to adjust the CCRcapacity to actual load and therefore to improve the primarypower factor of the CCR.
  • Passive filter to suppress harmonic distortion.
  • Full-duplex EMC Filter to suppress mains distortion.
  • Operation rotary switch on the front panel: Remote / Standby /Local.
  • Standard 5 or 8 StepsBrightness Level (1,5A to 6,6A) Touchscreen HMI display for Output Current and Display forfunction / CCR Monitoring.

Technical Specifications

• Protection Degree: IP21

•Working Temperature:IEC -20 to +55°C, FAA -40 to +55°C

•Supply :220V to 240V or 380V to 415V / 50 to 60Hz

•Efficiency: > 90% Nominal

•Power Factor:> 90% Nominal

•Remote Control:Multiwire (standart), Input contact orvoltage from 20 to 60VSingle or double or serial bus (TCP/IP-ModBus - J Bus/ RS485)

•Back Indication :Dry contacts or Bus

•Modbus Table:Compatible

•Back Indication :Dry contacts or Bus

•Earth fault detector.

•High voltage surge arresters (C3) on output and normal surgearresters (B2) on input

•Open Circuit and Over Current Protection Function

•Built-in circuit selector (optional)

•Output Cut Out device (optional)

•Power ratings : 1 – 2,5 – 4 – 5 – 7,5 – 10 – 15 – 20 – 25 kVA