Related Standards and Compliances

ICAO : Annex 14 Vol. 1


LED Signal Light Gun for Air Traffic and Ground Control.


  • LED life up to 60000 hours.
  • Color emitted directly by LEDs. (Red - White - Green)
  • Not require optical adjustment after LED module or Lens replacement.
  • Visibility greater than 4,1miles/6.6km in clear daylight conditions.
  • Color Selection: by the Switches.
  • 2 position switch for morse code or continuous use.
  • Sighting Scope system on the Top of Gun.
  • Continous usage time: 8 hours with fully charged.

Technical Specifications

  • Protection Degree : IP34
  • Working Temperature : -30C to +55C (-22F to +131F)
  • Power Source : Complete with internal lithium battery 110/230V - 50/60Hz for charging.
  • Power Consumption : 36W

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions : 320mm X 270mm X 215mm

Net Weight : 2,8Kg

Packaking : In cardboard Box 325mm x 275mm x 220mm