Related Standards and Compliances

ICAO : Annex 14 Volume 1 Par. 5.4

FAA : L-858(Y-R-L-C-H) AC150/5345-44

IEC : TSE / ENV 50235



  • Used for Direction or Information in the Runway Exit, Taxiway and Intersections.
  • Mandatory or Informational Guidence Signs are defined in ICAO.
  • Colours depending on the application as defined by ICAO.


  • Long-life LED lighting technology.
  • "Super LED” modules without reflectors are used.
  • UV-resistant Solid Polycarbonate Panel and UV-resistant Color film on the back side.
  • Completely Homogeneous Light Distribution.
  • Withstand Wind Load: 322 km / h (mod 2) or reinforced version Top speed of 483 km / h (mode 3)
  • Fully compatible with existing AFL infrastructure.
  • The whole body is made of aluminum. All Screws are stainless steel.
  • Operating with any topology of CCRs designed in compliance with IEC or FAA requirements.
  • Constant average luminance more than ICAO requirements for all colors.
  • "ON/OFF" switch for safe maintenance and local control.
  • Monitoring Optional

Technical Specifications

  • Protection Degree : IP65
  • Working Temperature : -40C to +55C (-104F to +131F) Class1 & Class2
  • Power Source : 6,6A Series Circuit or 110/230V-50/60Hz Parallel Circuit(Mains)
  • Power Consumption : min 25W up to max. 100W (Measured @6,6A) Varies with panel sizes. (600mm to 3500mm length)
  • Power Factor : 0,85 (Measured @6,6A)