Related Standards and Compliances

FAA : L-852T(L) AC150/5345-46

IEC : TSE / EN 61827


  • The STM UVIL System fixture is designed to aid security and safety inspectors by providing high-intensity illumination of vehicle undercarriages.
  • Applications for the STM UVIL System : Military Bases, Airports, Maritime Ports, Border Crossings, Embassies, Powerplants, Courthouses and Other Government buildings.


  • LED life up to 60000 hours
  • Color emitted directly by LEDs.
  • Omnidirectional Flush Light Fixture
  • A surge protection device is provided in the electronics.
  • Residual Current Protection device is provided in the electronics.
  • Less than 10mm protrusion above to ground.ment after LED module or Lens replacement.
  • Integrated, encapsulated electronic converter.
  • The total number of Lights is divided into 4 or 6 groups. Each group can be controlled individually by Manual or RF remote control.

Technical Specifications

  • Protection Degree : IP67
  • Relative Humidity : up to %100
  • Working Temperature : -40C to +55C (-40F to +131F)
  • Power Source : 110/230V-50/60Hz Parallel Circuit(Mains) Cable 3 × 1.0 mm², L= 1.0 m, Ø 7.5 mm for 110/230 VAC, 50/60Hz.
  • Power Consumption : 3,1W Led Power
  • Power Factor : 0,95

Photometric Performance

  • White 6000K/6500K – 800cd/m2 per Light