Related Standards and Compliances

FAA : AC150/5345-47 (Current Edition)

ICAO : Aerodrone Design Manual Part. 5

IEC : (EN) 61823


Isolation transformers are used to supply the current in the AGL circuit and to provide an isolation point between the primart and secondary circuits.


  • IEC approved according to IEC 61823
  • Totally thermoplastic rubber encapsulated
  • Two primary leads with single-pole plug style 2 and receptacle style 9.
  • One secondary lead with two-pole receptacle, style 8.
  • Two single-core primary leads 0.60m, 1x6mm2, with factory moulded Style 2 Plug and Style 9 Receptacle.
  • One two-core secondary lead 1.20m, 2x2.50mm2, with factory moulded Style 7 or Style 8 receptacle.
  • Suitable for 50 or 60Hz applications.
  • If required, can be supply for secondary grounding.
  • Transformers are designed for continuous operation.
  • Transformers are resistant to salty water, fuel, oil and ozone in ambient temperatures between -55°C and +65°C Can directly be buried in soil.