Main Controller : 8 bit Microchip uC

Operating Voltage : 12Vdc/24Vdc

Power Consumption : 1W Max.

Operating Temp : -40°C /+85°C

Storage Temp : -55°C /+150°C

Relative Humidity : 95% Max. (non condensing)

Relay Currents : 10A (per each relay)

Dimensions mm. (LxWxH) : 85 x 35 x 23 mm.

Color : Light Gray, Black (opt.)

Product Explanation

Damper Motor Direction Control Module (KLAPE01) is designed to control all type of 12/24V DC motors. Module has 1 digital input to select motor direction and 2 Relay Outputs to power the motor. Relay output voltages are relative to input voltage. Module is lightweight and has very low power consumption. It can be used in automotive 12 / 24Vdc HVAC-R systems, so it will be resistant to vibration, humidity and temperature extremes.