About Us

"SISTEMATIK ELEKTRIK ELEKTRONIK MAKINE INSAAT SANAYI ve TICARET LTD" exports worldwide of products that require high experience, quality and precision product in the sector of machining companies. The company services the industry of Turkey as a sub-industry and located in IZMIR / ÇIGLI A.O.S.B.

The task undertaken by the company is not only to contract manufacturing for the partner company. Our main mission is to improve our cooperation by sharing our experience in design and analysis in accordance with the product working conditions from the material procurement with our partners. In addition to our machining service, the company have a Machinery and Electrical Electronics R&D office. Our company, which closely follows the developing new technologies, follows an innovative policy that attaches importance to continuous improvement and development.


  • Defense Industry
  • Machine Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Metal Industry
  • Casting Industry
  • Energy Industry


  • Universal Turret Lathe
  • Universal Milling Machine
  • CNC Turning
  • CNC Milling Machine
  • Sinking Erosion Machine
  • CMM Mesurement